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Gatsby Advisors Brokerage Secures $100MM+ Collaboration with Sugar Land's Top Private Equity Firm

Gatsby Advisors Brokerage is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with DPEG (Dhanani Private Equity Group) to assist in selling their 160-unit luxury senior living condos coming soon to Telfair, Sugar Land.

While our brokerage is relatively new to the market, our expertise and strong portfolio of past deals within the healthcare sector of commercial real estate positions us to be well qualified to take on this one-of-a kind project.

Within 24-hours, our team got together and was able to formulate and execute a comprehensive marketing and sales plan to present to the DPEG team, showcasing our speed and ability to deliver results. Ultimately, reinforcing their confidence in choosing us as a partner to help execute this project.


Territory at Telfair

Territory at Telfair is a 160-unit luxury senior living condominium coming soon to Telfair, Sugar Land. This exceptional condo will boast an impressive amount of features and amenities, ensuring that its residents receive the highest quality of entertainment and services. For more information visit or contact us directly.


Breakfast with Masala Cruise Passengers

On Sunday, February 25, 2024, DPEG and Gatsby Advisors Brokerage hosted a breakfast for over 100 senior citizens attending the Masala Cruise. The guests enjoyed a buffet of Indian cuisine and Masala Chai prepared by Chef Sunny. Additionally, they were provided with complimentary blood pressure checks by Homecare of Texas, merchandise, and goodie bags filled with savory snacks. During this event, a brief presentation showcasing DPEG's senior living condo project was presented to the guests prompting considerable interest from many of the attendees who expressed intent to purchase a unit. Overall, this event had a fantastic turnout, and the guests left in high spirits before embarking on their cruise.

"Dream big and be disruptive. If you are doing the same thing as everyone else, you've already failed."

We would like to express our gratitude to the team at DPEG for entrusting us to help take on this exceptional project. Our commitment is to consistently surpass expectations and drive innovation within the industry, ultimately exemplifying how hard work and perseverance lead to success.

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